Three Reasons to Hit the Slot Machines in Australia


The pandemic has made us unable to enjoy the vibrant and energetic atmosphere of a casino, and who can stand being in a complete state of lockdown with nothing to do? It felt like being in prison, even though we’ve done nothing wrong! While the government is working on a vaccine that supposedly can kill all of the viruses and rid us of this mess, you should definitely partake in some gambling in australian territories to feel the excitement of gaming once more! So, check out these top reasons you should hit the pokie in Australia:

It is Loads of Fun!


They’re big, colorful, full of buttons, and they make a lot of noise, that’s a pokie for you! Slot machines are one of the most famous attractions inside a casino to see. People of all ages knew slot machines when they saw one because they are so distinctive and unique that makes them so discernable even when they’re not inside a casino. What makes you think they’re super fun, then? Just because of all the pretty lights and clicking sounds? No!

Slot machines are practically an arcade game that can make you money. You would think that a game that can win you a bunch of money would have to be super difficult, right? Like guessing the density of a black hole or solve some complex math equations; fortunately, the developers are not math whiz either, so the games are designed super simple but loads of fun! (Pinball, Multi-Spin, Connect the Dots, etc.)

It Has Jackpots!


We’ve talked about how slot machines can win us money, but really, how much can they get us? If you think you’re only going to get a couple of hundred bucks, then you’re awfully mistaken. The single-largest slot machine win ever recorded in history is around 39 million dollars at the Excalibur hotel in Las Vegas; talk about numbers, right? Most people come to the casino with a few thousand dollars at least with hopes of scoring jackpots like that, and they’re not wrong for hoping because everyone got the same chance and the machine is fair, so if you’re feeling lucky tonight, hit the pokies in Australia and you might land the jackpot!

It Has No Time Limit!

The best thing that slot machines can offer is they don’t hold any time limit, unlike when you play against other players in some table games. This is why you can often see people hogging seats for hours playing the slot machine at a casino. The seat on a slot machine is designed especially for comfort to be more ergonomic than the ordinary chair. You should try them out and see what we mean!…